Daniel Sollinger started filmmaking in high school by attending the Fine Arts Center in Greenville, South Carolina.  While getting his BFA at New York University’s Tisch School of the Arts, Daniel won the award for Best Cinematographer and had his photography published in the New York Times.  He is a hands on Producer who believes in understanding every aspect of the filmmaking process.  Over the last 25 years, he has written, directed, acted, edited and performed most technical positions on a film set.  As a result, he understands the specific issues that may arise during any part of the filmmaking process and makes well informed decisions based on years of experience.

A frequent collaborator, Producer Anthony Moody writes, “Daniel is a committed and passionate filmmaker.  He brings an abundance of knowledge, experience and dynamic ideas to every project.  Able to work in a wide variety of positions, Daniel is a team player who always puts the success of the project over anything else.”

Always working toward making the perfect movie, Daniel seeks material that is uplifting, smart, artistic, interesting and emotionally engaging with a sense of humor.  He has experience raising money, packaging, distributing, and publicizing.  His greatest Producer success to date is the Miramax release, “Rhyme & Reason” which opened on 280 screens and was declared by The Hollywood Reporter as one of the 15 most profitable films of the year.

A member of the Producer’s Guild of America as well as the Director’s Guild of America, Daniel has broken down and budgeted hundreds of scripts and is able to provide business plans informed with the experience of bringing products all the way to the marketplace. 

While obsessive about maximizing time and money, it is important for Daniel to never compromise the creative vision solely for the purpose of staying on schedule or on budget.  He believes no problem exists without a solution and servicing the creative vision for a project is a science of prioritizing and managing resources, a science he has honed through trial and error over the course of hundreds of projects.

Daniel has worked with the WGA, DGA, SAG, IA, and the Teamsters, and is well versed on their contracts, working conditions and compensation rules.   While he believes union work ultimately delivers a superior product, he has worked on budgets of all sizes and is well versed in the techniques of shooting non union as well.

Daniel is a local hire in Los Angeles and has extensive experience in New York City.  He has also worked in Maine, Massachusetts, Pennsylvania, Georgia, Texas, North Carolina, South Carolina, New Mexico, Nevada, Washington, Scotland, England, France, Spain, The Netherlands and Australia.

A strong believer in giving back and helping young filmmakers, Daniel frequently lectures to film students and provides mentorship to young up-and-coming film talent.